Name: T'saVara K'pell  
  Position: Chief Tactical & Security Officer/Second Executive Officer
  Race: Klingon
  Gender: Female
  Age: 30
  Date of Birth: May 19, 2355
  Place of Birth: Qo'nos
Description: Physique/Build/Frame: Amazon
Weight: 310 lbs
Height: 6 feet 4 inches
Eye Color: Amber
Hair Color: Black
Skin Tone: Dark Milky Coffee
Distinguishing Marks: Very pronounced forehead ridges.

T'saVara K'pell is almost the classic figure of the tlhIngan female: Buxom, yet fierce, with very strong forehead ridges. Her skin is around the same colour as a dark milky coffee, and amber eyes sparkle out from below her craggy brow, bearing a hint of mischief. She's often seen in a combination of Federation and Klingon uniforms, much in the same style as Worf- but she also wears a floor-length flowing cloak bearing the Starfleet arrowhead, ornately rendered in gold thread and sequins. Over the arrowhead you'll find the three-claw symbol of the Klingon Empire; she's one of the 'new crop' of Klingons who venerate Federation honour as much as their own.

Unlike some other Klingon females she doesn't have bad teeth, just sharp ones.
Bio Data: Likes:
Combat, Federation Marines, practical jokes, tea.

Liars, dishonour, coffee.

Personal History:
T'saVara, or Sav as she prefers to be known, is one of the young bloods; Klingons who see them self both as Klingon warriors and citizens of the Federation- shown mostly in their symbols of 'klingon culture' still bearing Federation insignia. She has also developed a mischievous sense of humour- something that, in a Klingon, can be dangerous!
Record: Promotion History:
2366-2370 Gunnery Cadet (C-1), Klingon Military Academy  
2370-2372 Gunnery Officer (O-1), IKS Qu'Vat  
2372-2374 Tactical Officer (O-1), IKS Qu'Vat  
2374-2377 Marine Officer (O-1), IKS Qu'Vat  
2377-2380 Security Officer (O-1), IKS Qu'Vat  
2380-2385 Gunnery Officer (O-1), IKS Qu'Vat  
2385-2386 Assistant Chief Tactical & Security Officer (O-2), USS Mississippi NCC-80006
2386-Present Chief Tactical & Security Officer (O-2), USS Mississippi NCC-80006

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