USS Mississippi
Starfleet Criminal Investigative Service [SFCIS]
Rogue "Nightmares" Flight (VFA-13)
Valkyrie "NightStalkers" Flight (VMA-215)
& 93rd Marine Security Forces

USS Mississippi - NCC-80006

Welcome to the USS Mississippi!

Newly commissioned in December 2385, the Ole Miss is a Sovereign Class Starship based out of Borgata.

The USS Mississippi is tasked with providing security, counter-intelligence, counter-terrorism, and law enforcement by Starfleet. Federation President Nanietta Bacco issued Executive Order No. 13515 commissioning a new SFCIS vessel to combat the mounting threats the Federation faces.

Recently, the Ole Miss was transferred to Ninth Fleet as a measure to protect Federation interests in the area.

Avalon Fleet Yards has completed construction of the USS Mississippi in compliance with President Bacco's Executive Order and she processed her first case in dry dock, investigating a murder at Marine Base Hawkeye Island. She is now ready to launch and begin enforcing the Uniform Code of Military Justice in her second case.

We are always taking on crew. Feel free to look around and enlist if you like what you see.


9/3: We have completed our migration to Ninth Fleet & are taking on crew!
9/17: Congratulations to LTJG K'pell, our new Second Office!
9/18: We have embarked on our R&R Mission: Welcome to Paradise.

Disclaimer: This PBEM RPG is Rated R due to Adult Themes that may be encountered during our missions as we investigate Violent & Sexual Crimes.

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