Name: JoAnne Gene Galloway

  Position: Executive Officer
  Race: Human
  Gender: Female
  Age: 35
  Date of Birth: October 6, 2350
  Place of Birth: San Diego, California, Earth
Description: Physique/Build/Frame: Medium
Weight: 140 lbs
Height: 5 feet 5 inches
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown
Skin Tone: Light Cream
Distinguishing Marks: Scars on knees from childhood.
Bio Data: Marital Status: Single
Father: Bruce [Lieutenant, Starfleet Fighter Pilot]
Mother: Gene [Attorney, Private]
Siblings: Robert [Judge, City of San Diego], Edward [Major, Starfleet Medical]

Infinite passion, public speaking, multi-tasking, and leadership.

Weapons handling. Sometimes bites off more than she can chew.

Direct answers, justice, and coffee.

Half assed jobs, un-necessary bureaucracy, and laziness.

Almost always wears her hair in a bun and prefers to be called Jo. She alternates between glasses and contacts. Is extremely thorough regarding investigative matters.

Law and Politics.


Personal History:
JoAnne Gene Galloway was born in 2347 to Bruce, a Star Fleet Pilot, and Gene Galloway, an Attorney, in beautiful San Diego, California. JoAnne was captain of the Academic Team in High School. She was often teased as a brain in school. After graduating, JoAnne decided to go straight to Starfleet Academy, instead of going to a private college so she could blaze her own career like other family members.
  Record: Education: (Before Starfleet Academy)
2356-2362 Daniel Boone Elementary School
2362-2364 Ray A. Kroc Middle School
2364-2368 James Madison High School

Service Record: (Including Starfleet Academy)
After the Academy, JoAnne began her career as an eager Ensign aboard the USS Constitution, the third ship to bear the name. When she was promoted, she was placed in the USS Liberty’s Diplomatic Department where she assisted with drafting treaties and communication. She returned to her passion of Law aboard the USS Hornet as a JAG Officer performing field duties.

JoAnne had her first chance of leadership in Star Fleet when she became Assistant Chief Diplomatic/JAG Officer aboard the USS Arizona. She continued to serve in leadership positions until she was transferred to Star Fleet Command to serve within the Judge Advocate General’s Office.

There, JoAnne gained valuable trial experience as not only an attorney, but also a Judge. Eventually, she became part of the Judge Advocate General command team itself as Assistant Deputy Chief Judge Advocate General.

With the advent of a new fleet geared towards justice, JoAnne jumped at the opportunity to return to the field as XO of the SFCIS ship, USS Mississippi.

Promotion History:
2368-2369 General Studies Cadet (C-1), Starfleet Academy  
2369-2370 Diplomatic Cadet (C-2), Starfleet Academy  
2370-2371 Diplomatic Cadet (C-3), Starfleet Academy  
2371-2372 Diplomatic Cadet (C-4), Starfleet Academy  
2372-2373 Advanced Studies Cadet: Law (C-5), Starfleet Academy  
2373-2374 Diplomatic/JAG Officer (O-1), USS Constitution NCC-1700-B
2374-2375 Diplomatic Officer (O-2), USS Liberty NCC-91101-A
2375-2376 JAG Officer (O-2), USS Hornet NCC-1714-D
2376-2377 Assistant Chief Diplomatic/JAG Officer (O-3), USS Arizona NCC-77021
2377-2378 Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer (O-3), USS Lexington NCC-14427
2378-2379 Chief JAG Officer (O-3), USS Midway NCC-71942
2379-2380 Trial Counsel (O-4), Starfleet Command  
2380-2381 Senior Defense Counsel (O-4), Starfleet Command  
2381-2382 Chief Defense Counsel (O-4), Starfleet Command  
2382-2383 Military Judge (O-4), Starfleet Command  
2383-2384 Senior Military Judge (O-4), Starfleet Command  
2384-2385 Chief Military Judge (O-4), Starfleet Command  
2385-2386 Assistant Deputy Chief Judge Advocate General (O-4), Starfleet Command  
2386-Present Executive Officer (O-4), USS Mississippi NCC-80006

Reprimand History:

Medical Report:
A bit short and lean, yet no problems except for vision. For some reason, she refuses laser corrective surgery and continues to wear contacts or glasses. Nonetheless, I certify that this Cadet is fit for Starfleet service.

[]-[] Captain Jovok, M.D.
Starfleet Medical

Psychology Report:
Cadet Galloway is quite competent in her abilities. In nervousness, she asks many questions.

While her stress test result was not a failure, it should be noted that she displays some tendency to make slow decisions due to her thorough nature. Sometimes, Cadet Galloway is quick on her feet to come up with solutions. Other times, her thoroughness could cost lives when they are on the line.

XOO Lieutenant Commander Javok, M.D., Ph.D.
Starfleet Medical

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