USS Mississippi NCC-80006 Crew Roster
Position Rank Name Race Bio
Commanding Officer Lieutenant Commander JoAnne Galloway Human
Executive Officer    
Second Executive Officer Lieutenant Junior Grade T'saVara K'pell Klingon
Command Master Chief    
Morale Officer    
  Chief Flight Control Officer    
  Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer    
  Flight Control Officer    
  Flight Control Maintenance Officer    
  Chief Operations Officer    
  Assistant Chief Operations Officer    
  Chief Combat Information Officer    
  Chief Navigation Officer    
  Chief Deck Department Officer    
  Boatswain's Mate    
  Chief Tactical & Security Officer Lieutenant Junior Grade T'saVara K'pell Klingon
  Assistant Chief Tactical & Security Officer    
  Tactical & Security Officer    
  Investigations Officer    
  Intelligence Officer    
  Brig Officer    
  Gunner's Mate    
  Chief Engineering Officer    
  Assistant Chief Engineering Officer    
  Maintenance Officer    
  Electrical Officer    
  Damage Control Officer    
  Information Systems Officer    
  Propulsion Specialist    
  Warp Systems Specialist    
  Shield Systems Specialist    
  Structure Specialist    
  Computer Systems Specialist    
  Weapon Systems Specialist    
  Transporter Chief    
  Chief Medical Officer    
  Assistant Chief Medical Officer    
  Medical Officer    
  Chief Counselor Lieutenant Avery Stuart, Ph.D. Human
  Chief Nurse    
  Emergency Medical Technician    
  Chief Science Officer    
  Assistant Chief Science Officer    
  Science Officer    
  Astrometrics Officer    
  Anthropology Officer    
  Astro Physics Specialist    
  Biochemistry Specialist    
  Stellar Cartographer    
  Chief Diplomatic Officer    
  Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer    
  Diplomatic Officer    
  Cultural Attaché    
  Diplomatic Aide    
  Rogue "Nightmares" Flight (VFA-13) CO    
  Rogue #1 Navigator    
  Rogue "Nightmares" Flight (VFA-13) XO    
  Rogue #2 Navigator    
  Rogue #3 Pilot    
  Rogue #3 Navigator    
  Rogue #4 Pilot    
  Rogue #4 Navigator    
  Rogue #5 Pilot    
  Rogue #5 Navigator    
  Valkyrie "NightStalkers" Flight (VMA-215) CO    
  Valkyrie "NightStalkers" Flight (VMA-215) XO    
  Valkyrie #3 Pilot    
  Valkyrie #4 Pilot    
  Valkyrie #5 Pilot    
  93rd Marine Security Forces CO    
  93rd Marine Security Forces XO    
  93rd Marine Security Forces Sergeant Major    
  93rd Marine Security Forces Personnel Officer    
  A Company CO    
  A Company XO    
  A Company First Sergeant    
  1st Platoon CO    
  1st Platoon Sergeant    
  1st Platoon Communications Specialist    
  1st Squad Leader    
  1st Squad Assistant Leader    
  1st Squad Marine    
  Reconnaissance Team Leader    
  Reconnaissance Team Rifleman    
  Reconnaissance Team Automatic Rifleman    
  Reconnaissance Team Scout    
  Department graphics on this page by [Matthias Haack & Jacob Beeman].
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Dress Pips denote Senior Staff.

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Letters following names denote the highest civilian educational degree the character has earned.

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