Name: William Franklin Bonaventure

  Position: [Task Force Bama Commander]/SFCIS Director
  Race: Human
  Gender: Male
  Age: 36
  Date of Birth: October 6, 2350
  Place of Birth: Mobile, Alabama, Earth
Description: Physique/Build/Frame: Medium
Weight: 250 lbs
Height: 6 feet 2 inches
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown, Beginning to Gray
Skin Tone: Light Tan
Distinguishing Marks: Balding.
Bio Data: Marital Status: Single
Father: Frank [Captain, Starfleet Command Operations]
Mother: Mary Anne Babineaux [Attorney, Private]
Siblings: Thomas [Judge, City of Mobile], Martin [Major, Starfleet Medical], & Jacqueline [Captain, Starfleet R&D]

Leadership, connecting with people, and getting his way.

Short temper and somewhat cocky.

Direct answers, cigars, and coffee.

Half assed jobs, insubordination, and laziness.

Can be controlling at times. Wears reading glasses. Sometimes makes hasty decisions. Has a slight accent.

Horses and History.

A bit of a war hawk, Bonaventure is happy to command.

Personal History:
William Franklin Bonaventure was born in 2350 to Frank, a Starfleet Operations Officer, and Mary Anne Babineaux, an Attorney, in quaint Mobile, Alabama. The family moved to Mississippi when William was starting high school. He was captain of the Basketball Team in High School also. After graduating, Will decided to go straight to Starfleet Academy, instead of going to a private college so he could blaze his own career like other family members.
  Record: Education: (Before Starfleet Academy)
2356-2361 James Monroe Elementary School
2361-2364 Mobile Middle School
2364-2368 Stonewall Jackson High School

Service Record: (Including Starfleet Academy)
After the Academy, William began his career as an eager Ensign aboard the USS Constitution, the third ship to bear the name. When he was promoted, he was placed in the USS Liberty’s Operations Department where he learned various department functions. During a battle, the Chief Security/Tactical Officer became incapacitated and he stepped into the role. The CO recognized Bonaventure's skills and promoted him to Chief Security/Tactical Officer.

William had his first chance of leadership in Star Fleet when he became Executive Officer aboard the USS Lafayette. He continued to serve in leadership positions until he was given his own command.

With the successful establishment of SFCIS, William was tapped to become the SFCIS Director and Fleet Executive Officer of Bama Fleet with the induction of Borgata to the Federation.

Promotion History:
2368-2369 General Studies Cadet (C-1), Starfleet Academy  
2369-2370 Operations Cadet (C-2), Starfleet Academy  
2370-2371 Operations Cadet (C-3), Starfleet Academy  
2371-2372 Operations Cadet (C-4), Starfleet Academy  
2372-2373 Operations Officer (O-1), USS Constitution NCC-1700-B
2373-2374 Assistant Chief Operations Officer (O-2), USS Liberty NCC-91101-A
2374-2375 Chief Security/Tactical Officer (O-2), USS Liberty NCC-91101-A
2375-2376 Chief Security/Tactical Officer (O-3), USS Liberty NCC-91101-A
2376-2377 Chief Security/Tactical Officer (O-4), USS Liberty NCC-91101-A
2377-2381 Executive Officer (O-4), USS Lafayette NCC-63441-A
2381-2385 Executive Officer (O-5), USS Lafayette NCC-63441-A
2385-2386 Commanding Officer (O-6), USS Mississippi NCC-80006
2386-Present [Task Force Bama Commander]/SFCIS Director (O-7), Starfleet  

Reprimand History:

Medical Report:
No problems except for vision. For some reason, he refuses laser corrective surgery and continues to wear reading glasses not to mention smoke. Nonetheless, I certify that this Cadet is fit for Star Fleet service.

[]-[] Captain Jovok, M.D.
Starfleet Medical

Psychology Report:
Cadet Bonaventure is quite competent in his abilities. In nervousness, he makes some hasty decisions.

While his stress test result was not a failure, it should be noted that he displays some tendency to become angry.

XOO Lieutenant Commander Javok, M.D., Ph.D.
Starfleet Medical

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